What do we offer?

The only consistent thing about pharmaceutical marketing is that it is constantly evolving.

Despite increased pressure from other parts of the marketing mix, advertising still represents a major proportion of promotional budgets so it is vital that you place your budget into safe, experienced hands.

Since its inception in 2003 Bartlett Davis Communications has evolved to offer a wide range of marketing communication packages to its client base. Our roots are firmly based in media buying – developing cost effective schedules that exceed the briefs we are given, exploring all media channels and delivering guaranteed, measurable return on investment.

However our belief is that advertising works best as part of a fully fleshed out, integrated campaign. That’s where the Communications comes in.

Our aim is to always exceed our client’s expectations and create an unrivalled schedule of activities using a variety of print and innovative digital channels.

We are also experienced consumer advertising media planners. In the last year we have placed advertising for disease awareness campaigns on national and DAB radio stations, London Underground network, national buses, newspapers, magazines, posters, liveried telephone boxes and various other innovative ambient options.

Using the latest programmatic targeting options, and mobilising the full suite of social media options, key consumers are identified and served marketing messages across their complete digital experience.